JournalCon 2003


Updated August 22, 2003

Here's the most current listing of panels and sessions. We are waiting for final confirmation from a few of the parties involved before we announce all the participants. We'll also post the scheduled times for these panels soon. Check back, and keep an eye on the News page -- there are a couple more surprises in store in the way of programming, and trust us -- you will not want to be the last to know.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Having a Successful Journal/Blog but Were Afraid to Ask
Austin North meeting room, Omni, 10, 10 18, Oct:15 Sat
The title says it all. This overview will cover a variety of Web site basics including design do's and don't's, positive/practical pimping, finding your writing "voice", Web etiquette, notify lists, stat tracking, reader interaction, online communities, and anything else we can think of in an hour.
Pineapple, moderator (Pineapple Girl)
AB Chao (hashai)
Omar (Terribly Happy)

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (On My Blog)
Austin South meeting room, Omni, 2, 10 18, Oct:00 Sat
Are blogs the newspapers of the 21st century? Both amateur and professional journalists, pundits, political junkies and others link to and disseminate the news. And they're giving real-life news outlets a run for their money. Panelists will discuss where the medium is headed and how they break through the info glut.
Sarah Hepola, moderator (Sarah Hepola)
Gael (Pop Culture Junk Mail)
Jeff Salamon (Austin American-Statesman)
M. Giant (Velcrometer)

For Better or Worse: How the Web Changed My Life
Austin North meeting room, Omni, 4, 10 18, Oct:30 Sat
Web writers have found love and heartbreak, developed and shattered friendships, been fired and grown careers, all from publishing their personal writing online. Panelists will share stories about the effects that their online sites have had on their lives, both positive and negative.
Kathryn, moderator (A Mindful Life)
Ladee Leroy (Ladee Leroy's Place of Enjoyment)
Rob (Darn Tootin')
Sundry (Sundry Mourning)

Freelance Writing
Austin North meeting room, Omni, 11, 10 18, Oct:30 Sat
This isn't just another "tips and tricks for writing marketable articles" panel. Our panelists are successful freelancers who will share useful tips and -- Okay, maybe it is another one of those panels, but ours will be much more entertaining as well as practical.
Moira Muldoon, moderator
Linda Formichelli (TwoWriters.Net)
Sarah Hepola (Sarah Hepola)
W. Eric Martin (TwoWriters.Net)

Marketing and Money
Austin North meeting room, Omni, 3, 10 18, Oct:15 Sat
Panelists will address issues related to generating traffic to and income from your Web site, such as the etiquette of asking for donations, appropriate self-promotion tactics, difficulties with bandwidth use, marketing strategies, branding vs. self-publishing.
Megan Ward, moderator
Kramer, FGS (xenon)
Ryan (In Medias Res)
Stephen Deken (Diary-X)

Niches and Hoes: Specialty Web Sites
Austin South meeting room, Omni, 10, 10 18, Oct:15 Sat
Explore the world of specialty or niche Web sites. Many people maintain one or more personal sites related to weight loss, gardening, etc. Photo journals/weblogs are also popular. What are the pros and cons of keeping these types of sites?
D. Cook, moderator (Fresh, Hot Wastes of Time)
Daze (Daze Reader)
Erin Shea (
Greg Bueno (日々の本)
LisaNH (Notes from Zone 4)

Open Readings
Austin South meeting room, Omni, 4, 10 18, Oct:30 Sat
If you've been reading So-and-So's writing for years and wondered how he or she sounded in real life, this may be your chance. Journallers and bloggers will read some of their favorite entries aloud. Sign up when you receive your registration packet. Readings should be no more than 10 minutes long, from entries you've already published to your site, and you are responsible for bringing a hardcopy printout to read.

Raw Is War! Blogs vs. Journals
Capital Ballroom, Omni, 11, 10 19, Oct:30 Sun
Who writes more? No, the real question is, who drinks more? Does it matter whether you keep a blog, a journal, or a Web site called Fred? Our panelists' will wrestle with definitions of journals and blogs, and discover the common ground both types of sites share ... without inflicting black eyes or bruises. We hope.
Omar, moderator (Terribly Happy)
Gael (Pop Culture Junk Mail)
Lyn Never ([noise])
M. Giant (Velcrometer)
Ryan (In Medias Res)
Stephen Deken (Diary-X)

Tech Talk for Non-Techies
Austin South meeting room, Omni, 3, 10 18, Oct:15 Sat
Trackback. Aggregating. PHP. CSS. RSS. WTF? If you think Perl is a character in The Scarlet Letter and Ping is a small yellow duck, this is your chance to find out what these technical terms mean, how much of it affects your personal Web site, and how the techie universe can make your life easier. We promise to make panelists use small words.
margaret, moderator (Women in Comfortable Shoes)
chip (It's Just this Little Chromium Switch Here)
cicada (cicada :: something wicked this way hums)
davidnunez (
Greg Bueno (日々の本)

Texas Talk: Lone Star Readings
Capital Ballroom, Omni, 10, 10 19, Oct:15 Sun
Good or bad, everyone has something to say about Texas ... or something to publish on the Web. Participants will read entries related to the Lone Star state, selected by the Host Committee in advance.
Jette, moderator (celluloid eyes)

Wake Up! (A Mostly Painless Icebreaker)
Austin North meeting room, Omni, 9, 10 18, Oct:00 Sat
Who are the panelists for this session? Get up early and join us to find out!
Emily, moderator (Mildew)

Web Writers Gone Wild
Chambers Bar, Omni, 9, 10 17, Oct:00 Fri
Don't be scared. We won't tell anyone you were here listening to journallers and bloggers reading entries about sex and other, er, adult issues. Curl up with coffee or a drink from the nearby Omni bar and enjoy a variety of true confessions. (The committee will select readings in advance. Email the committee if you want to submit or nominate a specific blog or journal entry.)
Heather Corinna, moderator (Heather Corinna)

Web Writing Transformed
Capital Ballroom, Omni, 9, 10 19, Oct:00 Sun
Web writers are successfully using elements of their blogs and journals in other media -- books, performances, etc. Meet these authors and actors, hear excerpts of their work, and discuss the transformation process.
Matt, moderator (Exposure)
Gwen (Gwen's Petty, Judgmental, Evil Thoughts)
Kim Holzer (

What Not to Wear: Web Site Makeovers
Austin South meeting room, Omni, 11, 10 18, Oct:30 Sat
We've teamed up two Web designers with two people who wanted fresh new Web pages but didn't know what to do or where to start. The four participants will discuss the best ways to design the Web site you want, in appearance and ease of use.
AB Chao, moderator (hashai)
devota (
Iko (Eileene) (Eileene.Net)
Pecan (Estoy Nueces)
Rachel (A Day in the Life)

Writing for Your Readers
Austin North meeting room, Omni, 2, 10 18, Oct:00 Sat
How do you find the best ways to connect with your readers? These panelists all have personal Web sites with writing that is approachable and intimate but not gory or trainwreck-y. How do they do it? (Do they even know?) Does this style of writing work in other situations? What sort of conflicts do they face when telling very personal stories? What effect does good writing have on reader interaction?
christine, moderator (sparkler)
Allison (hateyourdaddy)
Gwen (Gwen's Petty, Judgmental, Evil Thoughts)
Heather Corinna (Heather Corinna)
Rob (Darn Tootin')