JournalCon 2003

Information for Locals

Volunteer opportunities | Texas Two-Step registration
Volunteer Opportunities

If you are nearby, in body or in spirit, and would like to donate time and/or energy to help us make this a really dynamic conference, please email the Committee. The more the merrier! We will need help in these months of preparation, as well as onsite the weekend of the event.

Volunteers will receive unheard-of perks and props. And, we do truly mean "unheard-of" -- we've not nailed down exactly how volunteers will be rewarded. But it will certainly be cool and worthwhile. Maybe Omar will do a special dance for you.

The Texas Two-Step Registration

Here's a little Lone Star love for our neighbors: Texans registering for Web Writers Weekend had the option to pay in two installments -- an early deposit of $20, and a second payment of $35.

$20.00 was to be paid by July 1, 2003. Unfortunately the Texas Two-Step is no longer available to attendees who did not register by that time. The remainder ($35.00) is due no later than 11:59 pm CDT, September 15, 2003.