JournalCon 2003

JournalCon 2003

What is JournalCon?

Before blogs swept the nation, there were online journals. In 2000, journallers gathered to discuss their craft/hobby at the first JournalCon in Pittsburgh; subsequent conferences in Chicago and San Francisco grew as the medium did. Mainstream recognition and journalling/blogging sites and free software like Diary-X, Diaryland, Grey Matter, Movable Type, Blogger, Diarist.Net, and LiveJournal have made personal web writing and self-publishing available to even the least computer-savvy.

Texas flag

Austin, Texas is proud to host the 4th JournalCon, on October 17-19, 2003. As online journalling has evolved, so will the conference. Anyone who writes online at a personal website for a public audience will find something relevant, informative, entertaining, or evocative at our Web Writers Weekend seminars, readings and presentations.

And if you get here and find that to be untrue... well, we still throw one hell of a party.

What is "Web Writers Weekend"?

"Web Writers Weekend" is our theme for this year's conference. The goal is to bridge the widening gap between blogs, journals, and the 137 other designations that people use to define their web writing. Regardless of which online group one might seem a part, we face many of the same challenges, interests and trends. In Austin, we're not about labels -- we're about love.